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What is Hacking and Who is the Hacker ?

Hacking is considered a crime and a hacker a guy sitting in his garage doing miracles with mouse clicks. Taking down websites, stealing secret govt. information. Ripping people off their email and bank accounts.

” A hacker is someone who can make a computer do what he wants whether the computer wants to or not. “



A few years ago I also believed this and thought of hacking as bad and every hacker a computer criminal. At first, “hacker” was a positive term for a person with a mastery of computers who could push programs beyond what they were designed to do. Later it became associated with computer vandals intent on harming systems and this is where it stands today.

The word “Hacker” is subject to a long standing definition controversy.

Types of Hackers

1) Hobbyist Hackers – They are people who hack for fun and they make computer’s do new stuff. They do not want loss or destruction of information. They use hardware and software (programming language’s) to do their work.

Acc. to Wikipedia ”Hacker is a person who heavily modifies the software or hardware of their own computer system. It includes building, rebuilding, modifying, and creating software or electronic hardware, either to make it better, faster, to give it added features or to make it do something it was never intended to do.”

An excellent example of hobbyist hacking was the “Blue Box”, it was created by the Co-founder of Apple Inc. – Steve Wozniak. The Blue Box was a small electronic device which could place free long distance phone calls. Blue Box led to the term “Phreaking” which is Phone + Freak. They were primarily used by pranksters while others used it solely to make free phone calls.

In the computing community, the primary meaning of hacker is a particularly brilliant programmer or technical expert. (For example, “Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, is considered by some to be a hacker.”)

2) Computer Security Hackers – They are people who work with security side of the computers. It might be securing up the computers/networks or breaking into them.

So computer security hackers can be distinguished by the way in which they use their extra-ordinary computing skills.



White Hats : White Hat hackers are the good guys who use their hacking skills to protect computers/networks. A lot of demand for these hackers, companies pay them high salaries for securing their systems and networks from getting hacked.

Black Hats : Black Hat hackers are the bad guys in the game. They want to intrude security and make money. They take down networks and install backdoors. They use hacking for criminal purposes.

Grey Hats : Grey Hat hackers work for offensive and defensive purpose depending on the situations. They are hired by people to intrude and protect systems. They can be hired for any type of hacking.

Hactivists : Hactivists aka cyberpatriots hack to bring out a social change. They hack government and organizations to announce social, ideological, religious, or political message’s. Hackers fighting between countries are hacktivists. Like hackers of india and pakistan have been fighting for a long time, one side hacks the other sides website’s.

Script Kiddies : A Script Kiddie is a person who boasts breaking systems using scripts and codes which are written by other hackers. They hardly know what the code does. They engage into easier techniques of hacking as phishing and using exploits.

Conclusion :

So hackers can be good or bad people using their extra-ordinary computing skills for good, evil, business or just plain simple fun.

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