Colombian Government Website Hacked in Support of Boyaca Protests

Hundreds of thousands of farmers from eleven of Colombia’s departments are protesting these days against the government. The protesters are unhappy that the government has failed to help the farming and agricultural sector.

Colombian Government Website Hacked

Colombian Government Website Hacked

Hacktivists of the Anonymous movement have joined the protests in Boyaca, which, according to the BBC, is one of the most affected provinces. They’ve hacked and defaced the official website of Santander’s General Comptroller of North Department (

On the defacement page, the hackers wrote the following message: “President Santos is lying! Boyaca is in crisis, these are it’s leaders orders.”

The message is accompanied by several videos and a link that points to an article regarding the human rights violations in Boyaca.

At the time of writing, the website still hosts the defacement page added by the hackers.

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