Jaya TV website hacked and defaced by Pakistani Hackers

Pakistani hacker going with the handle ‘H4$N4!N H4XOR’, a member of ‘Pakistan Haxors Crew’ hacked and defaced the official website of Jaya TV.

Jaya TV is one of the major Tamil language satellite television channels based in Chennai, India.

The main domain and subdomain have been defaced.

The following domains are affected :


Jaya TV Website Hacked

Jaya TV Website Hacked

The hacked website was showing a short message, the message is related to Kashmir, which is a part of India, and is claimed by Pakistan to be theirs.

The group also defaced the Canara Bank Employees’ Union website(cbeu.in). They also leaked database compromised from the server.

At the time of writing, all of the affected websites still showing the defacement page.  “jayanews.in” shows “under maintenance” error page.

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One thought on “Jaya TV website hacked and defaced by Pakistani Hackers

  1. Hi my twitter aconuct has been hacked but i cant fix it that way because i cant log in. it seems the person has changed my password or something? is there any way i can get into my aconuct to delete it so that I can get a new one? this is so annoying because all my followers have unfollowed me no because of the spam! please help!


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