About Us

The site was founded by Ann (The HunTeR), CEH, ECSA, CHFI, and LPT who is a dedicated IT professional who specializes in cyber security, especially hacking and related issues such as cyber forensics. He created the site as a means of spreading awareness about hacking among the general public computer professionals and those who possess a keen interest in tracking developments in this field. We believe that everyone must stay aware of the latest trends in the information security and such knowledge must be accessible to all. We do this by publishing all news and recent developments related to hacking, cyber security, data protection and we consider our duty to create awareness about security vulnerabilities that might be exploited by cyber criminals or people with malefic intents.

Our belief is that hacking is a part of security and everyone must know and learn hacking but in the right manner and use it for positive interests. However we do not support or encourage the use of hacking for unlawful or criminal activities. Hacking is a serious offence which has dire repercussions for anyone involved in illegal hacking or related activities. Those who use hacking for theft of data or industrial trade secrets, or to commit identity frauds or perpetrate financial scams are dealt with a hard hand by the legal system and stringent penalties are being imposed on all such persons. This is why we strongly oppose all those who use hacking for causing intentional damage to any individual, organization, or state.

We vouch for complete online freedom and transparency on the internet and therefore we support Anonymous and their online social activism. Anonymous does not perpetrate any criminal activities against anyone and their dogma to oppose internet censorship and provide complete freedom and access to everyone on the internet is supported completely by us.

Since we work as cyber forensic experts, we are committed to helping anyone whether an organization or individual in unraveling and investigating cyber-crimes of any kind so as to nab persons who are involved in activities such as frauds, data theft, cyber stalking, pornography or online defamation using any social networking site etc. We are ready to cooperate with any state department or any genuine organizations during the investigation of cyber-crimes. In fact, we wish to set up a well-equipped cyber forensic lab very soon.

 We also give everyone the opportunity to publish any article or news item on hacking or cyber security related matters. So if you have a good article which you feel should be published, get it to us using our contact form and our team will examine your article and suitable ones will surely get published with your name and a short personal description.

We advise our readers and visitors to use the information or news given on our site in a beneficial manner and preferably for betterment of cyber security. In case you need any feedback or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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