iOS 6.1 Hack allows iPhone lock screen bypass

According to latest reports, the latest version of operating system for iPhone 5 i.e. iOS 6.1 has a certain security loophole which can be exploited by hackers to override the smartphones lock screen password so as to unlock the phone. This development was reported sometime last week when a video was posted on YouTube which details the hack procedure for unlocking the screen lock of the iPhone even when a password was in place.

iOS 6.1 Hack allows iPhone lock screen bypass

iOS 6.1 Hack allows iPhone lock screen bypass

Apparently, it is not very difficult to exploit this loophole and a simple set of steps which take only up to a minute can help unlock the iPhone. The basic trick involved is to attempt emergency calling and then cancelling those calls while holding down the power button and a few other steps. The result being that one can bypass the phone security code and access all phone features such as call logs, contacts, photos etc. but further navigation returns the phone to the locked mode. Furthermore the video has received more than 500,000 views during this week.

The glitch is applicable to all models of iPhone and iPad which are using iOS 6.1 as their operating system though it is more easy to unlock the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as compared to iPhone 5. The hacker commented on the video that “For prank your friends…For a magic show…Use it as you want, at your own risk, but… please… do not use this trick to do evil !!!”. Seems like a good humored prank with possibly not so funny consequences. Meanwhile officials at Apple have stated that they are indeed working on a fix and will come with a new version soon.  They stated that “Apple takes user security very seriously. We are aware of this issue, and will deliver a fix in a future software update.” In fact, a new version of the iOS i.e. iOS 6.1.1 is under development as of now.

This is not the first time that iOS 6.1 is facing such problems since its release in January. It was reported that iPhone 4S users were having trouble sending messages, making calls, surfing the internet etc. while some others complained of reduced battery life because of spiked networking activity. Moreover, researchers had earlier also unlocked a previous version of iOS as soon as in under six minutes.

For now, the users can make do with substituting their four digit pin codes with a text based code as it is not easy to hack until an updated version of the software is released officially. However, it is advisable not to lose track of your phone until the hysteria of this glitch dies away.