TopTV and Reliance Netconnect websites hacked

TopTV and Reliance Netconnect websites hacked by Brazilian hackers

According to latest reports, the websites of the South African TopTV and the Indian Reliance Netconnect have been hacked by a team of Brazilian hackers who have welcomed the new year with a bang on attack on many websites across the world. Reliance Netconnect, which is a telecommunications and internet broadband giant, was hacked on 2nd January along with the South African pay-TV provider TopTV, which is a major player in the broadcasting arena of the country, was hacked during the wee hours of the New Year.

TopTV and Reliance Netconnect websites hacked by Brazilian hackers.docx

TopTV and Reliance Netconnect websites hacked by Brazilian hackers

Both the defaced websites are displaying the message : “ Hackeado por HighTech Brazil HackTeam No\One – CrazyDuck – Otrasher – L34NDR0  ”  which means that they have been hacked by the Brazilian hacking crew HighTech Brazil Hack team comprising of members CrazyDuck, Otrasher and L34NDR0.

It is not the first time that the website of Reliance Netconnect has been hacked as it was hacked many times in 2012, notably by Anonymous, an Indian hacker named Sameer Mehra, and an Indonesian hacker Hmei7, all of which exploited much vulnerability in their security. In this case, the damage has primarily been defacement as no data appears to have been stolen or misused and most of the regular content is loading normally and defacement can be observed only when visiting the inside pages.

The TopTV website has also been defaced by the same hacking crew and when contacted, Heather Kennedy of the TopTV management commented  “TopTV is in the process of rectifying the security breach on their website,” and that “The breach occured early on New Year’s Day, 1 January.”

Upon further enquiry about the nature of damage incurred by the company and any data theft or misuse of personal information of subscribers, she stated that

“The TopTV website does not contain any sensitive subscriber information, such as subscriber details, nor does it have any financial facility for payment of subscriptions, thus there are no subscriber bank details or any possible trace to these on the site.”

“Subscriber information is all contained in the separate and secure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which is unrelated in any way to the TopTV website.”

“The website is a portal for information regarding TopTV, its channels, pricing and packaging, and the Top Guide, which provides programme schedule information for the channels.  This information is freely available to the public.”

It has been verified that there has been no loss of data or information from the website. Moreover, it is also not the first time for TopTV website, as it has been targeted earlier in the previous year when it began serving malware to subscribers visiting the homepage of the TopTV site. Furthermore, the hackers have not mentioned any reason for the attacks whatsoever and have simply defaced the targeted websites.

However, this is not the only hack committed by this crew as they defaced hundreds of sites across the world, notably the website of the Greek National Printing Office and the Interpol Indonesia National Central Bureau and many Singaporean websites and the lack of any apparent reason behind the hacks is quite a puzzle in itself.